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              Add:  No.1 Jingmahe Road,


              Tel: + 86-0516-66699881
                + 86-0516-66699885
              Fax:+ 86-0516-66699882




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              Celebrate ONEBUILDING FAIR’s Success


              Meida group’s overseas market development efforts have been increasing at the same time our foreign trade business expandes. Meida group's influence in the international market is also growing, which has attracted many foreign companies to negotiate business with us.

              During the exhibition, Mr.Sun,our general manager and the relevant departments manager received from all over the world merchants,      with a warm welcome to the visiting foreign. He briefly introduced the general situation of the company, accompanied by the visiting staff   to  visit the company's product exhibition hall, and introduced the company's new product research and development. 

               Foreign investors for our products to give a high degree of evaluation, with a strong interest in our series of products. We have reached a number of cooperation intentions with a number of foreign businessmen to expand the overall competitiveness of our company in foreign markets.


              Add:Jingmahe Road, Xuzhou City ,Jiangsu province,China Tel:+86-0516-66699881 Fax:+86-0516-66699882

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