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              Add:  No.1 Jingmahe Road,


              Tel: + 86-0516-66699881
                + 86-0516-66699885
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              Cerebrate the Canton Fair‘s Success


              The 120th Autumn CANTON Fair held as scheduled, this is a global event buyers to participate in. 

              For the better development of international trade, our sales department is also in the Canton Fair, 

              with excellent technology, perfect product quality and thoughtful customer service. 

              In Meida group booth, from the buyers interested to watch my company's products, the performance of our     staff enthusiastically to customers on the products, 

              attracted many visitors and buyers pay attention to quality.And our product quality has been recognized by the buyers.

              In the time period of 6 days, we received from the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea,       Japan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Mongolia, Uruguay, Yemen, Burma, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, Bahrain, Kenya, Chile, Argentina, Indonesia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia Iran, Russia, Bulgaria and other 5 continents in more than and 20 countries and entered into a collaboration with multinational customers.


              Add:Jingmahe Road, Xuzhou City ,Jiangsu province,China Tel:+86-0516-66699881 Fax:+86-0516-66699882

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