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              Add:  No.1 Jingmahe Road,


              Tel: + 86-0516-66699881
                + 86-0516-66699885
              Fax:+ 86-0516-66699882




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              Xuzhou Meishida New Composite Material Co. Ltd is Meida group's production base, located in Xuzhou City   Economic  Development Zone. The plant covers an area of 10000 square meters, has 8 production lines, is a   manufacturer of aluminum foil reinforced aluminum foil, woven cloth, aluminum foil composite film, 

              aluminum foil glass cloth composite reflective material etc.

               The company adopts advanced production management techniques, to ensure the stability of product quality, 

              favored by the majority of customers.By the way, the company has been stable supplier of Saint Gobain, 

              Owens Corning and other famous enterprises.

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              Add:Jingmahe Road, Xuzhou City ,Jiangsu province,China Tel:+86-0516-66699881 Fax:+86-0516-66699882

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